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Tree Fern
Scientific Name: Cyathea spp. Family: Cyatheaceae Common Name: Tree Fern Local Name: Natong Description: A large tree fern found in various mountains of the Philippines. The large leaves a...

Chamberlain's Pitogo
Scientific Name: Cycas chamberlainii Br. & Kienh. Family: Cycadaceae Common Name: Chamberlain's Pitogo Local Name: Pitogong Arayat Description: A small, slender tree reaching a height of ...

Fan Palm
Scientific Name: Livistona saribus (Lour.) Merr. Family: Palmae Common Name: Fan Palm Local Name: Magilay Description: The fan palm reaches a height of 20m and a diameter of 25cm. Leaves ...

Scientific Name: Pemphis acidula Forst. Family: Lythraceae Local Name: Kabantigi Description: Grows up to 5m high. The trunk and branches develop stunted, crooked, or twisted formations. The ...

Scientific Name: Agathis philippinensis Warb. Family: Araucariaceae Common Name: Almaciga Description: evergreen large tree that grows up to 65m. It has a smooth, gray bark; its oval leaves n...

Jade Vine
Scientific Name: Strongylodon macrobotrys A. Gray Family: Leguminosae Common Name: Jade Vine Local Name: Tayabak Description: The jade vine is a tree climber with a woody stem that twines...

Philippine Date Palm
Scientific Name: Phoenix hanceana Naud. var. philippinensis Becc. Family: Palmae Common Name: Philippine date palm Local Name: Voiavoi Description: This is a solitary, erect palm with a ...

Kanyon, Luplupak
Scientific Name: Lilium philippinense Baker Family: Liliaceae Local Name: Kanyon, Luplupak Description: This is an herb reaching a height of up to 60cm. Its leaves are green, simple, alterna...

Scientific Name: Vanda sanderiana Reichb.f. Family: Orchidaceae Local Name: Waling-waling Description: This epiphyte grows on branches of tall dipterocarp trees. It is 25-100cm tall with long...

Scientific Name: Areca ipot Becc. Family: Palmae Local Name: Bungang-ipot Description: A small stocky tree to 4m high and to 12cm in diameter. The dark green leaves reach 1.5m in length, are ...

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