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Kanyon, Luplupak

Category: Philippine Endangered Species
Date Posted: 2006-01-05

Scientific Name: Lilium philippinense Baker

Family: Liliaceae

Local Name: Kanyon, Luplupak

Description: This is an herb reaching a height of up to 60cm. Its leaves are green, simple, alternate, narrow, and tapering at both ends. They measure 8 to 15cm long and 0.5 to 1.3 cm long, with midrib and the lateral veins elevated beneath. Flowers are solitary, funnel-shaped, white outside and flushed wine-purple or purplish-striped inside. The fruit capsule is cylindrical with many brown winged seeds.

Habitat: In open fields in medium to high altitudes.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Threats: Over-collection for ornamental use; conversion of land for agricultural and other purposes

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