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Philippine Date Palm

Category: Philippine Endangered Species
Date Posted: 2006-01-05

Scientific Name: Phoenix hanceana Naud. var. philippinensis Becc.

Family: Palmae

Common Name: Philippine date palm

Local Name: Voiavoi

Description: This is a solitary, erect palm with a trunk up to 10m tall and up to 25cm in diameter. The leaves are to 1m long with leaflets at the lower portion. Its fruits are oblong, turning black when mature. Covering one-fourth of the entire fruit is the perianth which protects its developing reproductive parts.

Habitat: On grasslands and occasionally, along mountain streams at low medium altitudes

Conservation Status: Threatened

Threats: Collection of the whole plant for ornamental purposes; fruit for food; leaves for raincoat-making, bags, hats, baskets, and others; grassland fires

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