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IN THE PHILIPPINES, THE GENUS GRAMMATOPHYLLUM IS represented by two species, G. speciosum and G. scriptum, both of which appear to have numerous forms. This group has a wide distribution throughout th...

HABENARIA IS A GENUS WHICH HAS THE DISTINCTION OF BEING one of the largest of the terrestrial groups of the orchid family. The genus includes about seven hundred species which are widely distributed o...

THIS GENUS OF ABOUT FIVE MEMBERS IS CLOSELY ALLIED TO the Phalaenopsis and Sarcochilus groups and has only one representative, K. philippinensis, in the Philippines. The genus Kingiella was originally...

TO THE ORCHID FANCIER, THE GENERA LIPARIS, MALAXIS, AND Habenaria are often confusing because of their resemblance to each other, and considerable difficulty is encountered in distinguishing between t...

SPECIES OF THE VENUS LUISIA ARE OFTEN CONFUSED BY THE novice orchid growers and collectors for plants of the terete (or cylindrical leaved) Vandas, V. Teres and V. Miss Joaquim. This confusion results...

OBERON IS THE KING OF THE FAIRIES IN THE FOLKLORE AND this group of orchids bears his name because of the peculiar and fanciful form of their flowers. Approximately two hundred species of this group a...

THE GENUS PHAJUS IS ONE WHICH INCLUDES APPROXIMATELY fifty species that are widely distributed throughout tropical Africa, Asia, and Australia as well as China, Japan and islands of the South Pacific....

THAT LOVELY ASIATIC AND MALAYSIAN GENUS, Phalaenopsis, is represented in the Philippine Islands by approximately fifteen species and natural hybrids. The genus is one of the most important of those in...

PHREATIA IS ANOTHER GENUS OF INSIGNIFICANT SMALL flowered plants that are only of interest to the orchid fancier because they form an important portion of the indigenous orchid flora of the tropical A...

VERY FEW ORCHID SPECIES ARE WIDELY DISTRIBUTED THROUGH out the world; in fact, it is the general characteristic of this tremendous family that the species are confined to a restricted area and that ev...

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