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Pholidota imbricata, THE "NECKLACE" ORCHID, is extensively distributed throughout the Malaysian area, including the Philippines and is a common and variable species. Its pseudo-bulbs are ovoid, somewh...

Why is Aromatherapy Effective?
Aromatherapy, which involves taking various essences at certain hours of the day is especially effective if applied along with correct diet, exercise and deep breathing. Healing with essential oils...

Medical Plants
In these modern days of sophisticated medicine and the new way of producing various kinds of medicine, very few people do not believe in the value and effectiveness of herbal plants as a substitute to...

Two species which are frequently confused by Philippine orchid collectors and fanciers are Anota violacea (Saccolabium violaceum) and Rhynchostylis retusa. The plants of these species, as well as thei...

GONORRHEA Gonorrhea is a disease caused by a bacteria shaped like two kidney beans and known as ?Neisseria Gonorrhea?. From the time of contact until symptoms are seen, Gonorrhea is already infectio...

Herbal Plants
1. SILI (PEPPER) Get ? kilo leaves of the plant and have it pounded fine. Apply the juice to the first or second degree burns. 2. TANLAD Boil ? kilo of tanlad roots. Drink 3 times a day. This ...

Herbal Cures Part 3
1. BANANA (Lagerstroemia speciosa) Banana tree grows from 4 to 15 meters high, characteristically shedding off its leaves once a year. It can be identified easily through its flowers, which are li...

Herbal Plants and Cures
1. ABUTRA - wounds 2. ACHUETE ? galis, menstruation 3. ADELFA (LEAVES) ? lesions, herpes, ringworm, epilepsy, snakebite, inserticide, kulebra 4. AGOHO ? pimples, menstruation, diarrhea 5. AKAPULKO...

Pitcher Plant
Scientific Name: Nepenthes spp. Family: Nepenthaceae Common Name: Pitcher Plant Description: Its pitcher are cylindrical and narrow in the middle, and are green with red blotches. The mouth i...

Plant Feature: Rafflesia sp.
Rafflesia sp. is a new find in Antique, Panay Island, Philippines. Its flower measures about 50 cm in diameter. The perigone lobes are 17 x 9 cm. The diaphragm opening is about 10 cm in diameter an...

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